Spotlight Interview: Fannézha Ford


Los Angeles

WFU Class of 2012

Major: Communications 

Minor : Dance

Fannézha Ford headshot.jpg


Fannézha Ford graduated Wake Forest University with a major in Communications and minor in Dance. DeacLink recently got to catch-up with the Cum Laude Graduate. She spoke to us about her exciting dance career and how she founded Daily Dose Dance, a resource to connect dancers and dance enthusiasts worldwide through dance history, education, and events. Her desire to be a well-rounded artist led to her commitment to providing resources for other dancers. 


DeacLink:  Please walk me through your path from graduation day to your current job.

Fannézha Ford: Upon graduating, I joined forces with Wake Forest Alumni David Curameng to become the Director for Events for KODACHROME NC (KCNC), a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the true colors of dance.  KCNC was a complete passion project. A group of dancers, who wanted to pour into the North Carolina dance community, came together to host affordable dance workshops at college campuses across the state of North Carolina.  As the Director of Events, I facilitated the KCNC workshops by booking the dance studios and choreographers and managed the day of operations. I, also, coordinated fundraiser dinners with local businesses to maintain revenue so that we could keep the workshops affordable for the students.

While serving as the Director of Events for KCNC, I was working in Washington, DC as a dance instructor.  I taught ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop for the city of Greenbelt in Maryland, the Paula Brown Performing Arts Center, District Dance Arts, and Joy of Motion Dance Studio.  I, also, joined DC dance crews TeamWeGonMakeIt and Fierce Collabo Elite Crew which gave me the opportunity to continue to perform.

My journey to Los Angeles was a quest to start anew in dance.  I wanted to become a student of the art form again, focusing on training and learning different techniques of how to teach.  My desire to be a well-rounded artist led me to think of all of the resources that would be needed in order to truly be limitless.  I created Daily Dose Dance as a resource to connect dancers and dance enthusiasts worldwide through dance history, education, and events.

DL: How much did your studies and general experience at Wake inform or drive your career path?

FF: The opportunity to craft my education at Wake Forest through the liberal arts curriculum gave me a sense of ownership of my educational path.  This fundamental concept reflects my decision to pursue entrepreneurship as I create my career path from working with the startup KCNC to founding my startup Daily Dose Dance, LLC.


DL: How did you find and apply for the various positions you’ve held?

FF: I have found jobs through online searches, community bulletin boards, networking referrals, and temporary agencies.  Being a freelance artist can be challenging to maintain an income that will sustain you in between projects, so I recommend finding a flexible job that will work with your artistry.  

Hospitality is a go-to industry for freelance artists.  As wonderful as it is to have a flexible work schedule in the service industry, the work can be taxing on the body and oftentimes your income fluctuates.  

I recommend looking into assignments through temporary agencies.  With each assignment, I can budget for my life’s necessities while investing into my artistry with the confidence of knowing what my monthly income will be.  Also, one of the best services offered at a temporary agency is professional résumé building. I am so proud of the professional résumé that I have to present while networking for new job opportunities.


DL:  What could Wake have done better to prepare students for life after graduation?

FF: I believe that financial literacy is a fundamental necessity for graduates.  I know that there are services offered at Wake; however, I believe that financial literacy should be a graduation requirement.  Budgeting for life’s expenses while paying student loans, auto loans, and creating a financial safety net with savings are critical in beginning our adult lives.  Money is essential in living and experiencing life--whether that is traveling, starting a family, or both! Also, understanding smart investments in the stock market and in real estate can set us up for a prosperous future leading us towards financial freedom and retirement.  


DL: What is your favorite part of living and working in Los Angeles?

FF: My favorite part of living and working in Los Angeles is living in a city full of creative minds.  You can see it and feel it everywhere you go. Los Angeles is not simply a city of dreams; it is a place where you can make your dreams come true.  


DL: What is your favorite part about your job?

FF: Creating Daily Dose Dance has given me the opportunity to partner with brilliant minds who are young entrepreneurs paving their way through their respective industries. Having the opportunity to not only invest in my dreams, but into their dreams has been one of the most fulfilling parts of the creative process.


DL: What and where is next for you?  

FF: I plan to expand my business Daily Dose Dance so that it reaches dance communities worldwide.


DL: Kernel of advice you'd like to impart to the readers.  

FF: Be proactive rather than reactive in life.  Do not wait for someone to hand you your dreams.  Take ownership and pride in making your dreams come true.